Beautiful Marine Deckmaker Italy

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Our aim is to transform your boat with a great synthetic teak deck using our unmatched expertise in this specialist market. The fabricators are highly skilled and fully equipped with the latest technologies, enabling them to deliver consistently outstanding results.

We cover the whole of Italy through the Beautiful Marine Fitters network



Synthetic Teak Decking System

After many years of deck panel making using all the leading material brands we now work with decking system called Deckfab. Our UK made material is 100% Virgin PVC without any additives or packing material and is extruded in the UK. The reverse has dovetails to increase the surface area for maximum adhesion to the deck. Our decking system is unique to us and produces the strongest and most durable decks. The linishing is medium grit at the factory but we sand the deck on the final finish. There are a range of colours with 98% of boats opting for traditional, weathered or aged teak colours so we only offer these colours which are popular because they are the most realistic.

Traditional and Black or White Caulking

Weathered and Black

Aged and Black or White Caulking

Samples are medium grade sanded but may be sanded fine after the panels are made should the customer prefer. They will tend to smooth with wear and may be resanded at anytime. Our panels have a 5 year warranty. Warranty here. We warranty our panels, not just the raw materials for your peace of mind.